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Facebook Dindi app to Help Devotees have Real Time information of Pandarpur Yatra

A facebook dindi app created by Swapnil and Mangesh More, Akshay Joshi, Amit Kulkarni and Suraj Dighe will help devotees have real time information of Pandarpur Yatra. The app is is available on the Android platform. The app will provide constant updates on the position of palkhi processions, their camping locations and the time and place where activities like ringan and bharud are happening.
Times of India reports
The GPS kit provided free-of-cost by IT firm Intellinet Datasys will help the app users track the wari on Google Maps. "The app will be an asset for the security agencies and emergency help providers like fire brigade. It will help them plan and coordinate their work better," he added.  
Swarali Patne, who has been following the 'virtual dindi' since its inception, sees the attempt as a fantastic way to know about culture and traditions. "I can upload my photographs of the palkhi procession and also share those posted by others. We communicate our ideas and perceptions, and debate on various aspects of the tradition. Discussions and thought-sharing lead to better understanding of the wari, which otherwise is not easy to decipher," said Swarali.  
DCP (traffic) Sarang Awad said, "The app will help the palkhi organizers monitor the procession and be prepared for emergencies. Besides, the residents of villages on the way will also know the exact time of arrival of palkhis and plan their activities accordingly."