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Baba Garibnath Temple at Muzaffarpur in Bihar

Baba Garibnath Temple is located at Purna Bazaar in Muzaffarpur in Bihar and is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. The Shivling worshiped in the temple is Swayambhu, which appeared on its own. The main offering in the temple is water, milk and Bilva leaves also known as Bel Patra. There is a very popular belief that the poor get relief to their problems after worshiping here that is one reason why the temple is known as Baba Garibnath Temple.

Legend has it that the region where the present day temple is located had seven banyan trees. The person who bought the land cut five trees and while he was chopping the sixth tree blood started coming out from under the tree. A Shivling had got hit with the axe. A temple was created after the incident. The seventh banyan tree too can be found nearby.

The main temple has a dome with seven kalasha made of Ashtadhatu.

The Swayambhu Shivalinga is located 1.5 feet below the floor. The base is covered with silver and argha, an octagonal ashtadhatu covering structure.

The temple complex also has shrines dedicated to Kartik and Ganesha. In the northeast direction there is murtis of Radha Krishna  and Surya Narayana.

A major attraction in the temple is the murti of Nandi. People whisper their wishes into its ears.

Apart from this there are also murtis of Satyanarayana and Ashtamukhi Ekadasha Rudra in the temple.
The sacred well in the temple is known as Chandrakoopa.

The most important days in the temples are Mondays and Fridays. The annual Shivratri festival attracts thousands of devotees. Shravan month also attracts many Shiva devotees.