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Wayanadan Ramayana – Documentary Based on Interpretations and Adaptations of Ramayan in Wayanad in Kerala

A 15-mintue documentary titled “Wayanadan Ramayana” explores the interpretations and adaptations of Ramayan in Wayanad in Kerala. Wayanad District in Kerala is noted for its forest wealth and tribal culture.
The Hindu reports 
There are many places in Wayanad that bear a close resemblance to the sites depicted in the Ramayana. Some people, especially tribesmen, believe that Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, and Lava-Kushas lived in Wayanad and the epic was written here. The themes of various tribal art forms such as Vattakkali of the Kuruma tribe and other tribal myths are interwoven with the belief.
The documentary, Wayanadan Ramayana , links places such as Ahshramkolly, near Pulpally, where sage Valmiki set up his ashram; Munipara, a rock near the place where the sage took penance; Ponkuzhy, near Muthanga, where Rama is believed to have deserted Sita; and Ambukuthy hills, near Ambalvayal, where Rama and Lakshmana fought Thadaka.
“There are numerous interpretations and adaptations of Ramayana across the globe, which include Malaysian and Indonesian Ramayana. Wayanadan Ramayana and Mappila Ramayana, which are very popular in Malabar region, come under these interpretations,” says Kodur Bais, a mass communication student of Pondicherry University, who has scripted the screenplay and direction of the documentary.