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Puri Jagannath Temple to Sell Parts of Old Chariots Used in Rath Yatra

The parts of old chariots used in the famous Puri Jagannath in earlier years will be put on sale. Devotees can buy various parts including wheels as mementos. 

The Telegraph Calcutta, India reports
 Announcing the decision, chief administrator of the Jagannath temple administration Suresh Chandra Mohapatra today said: "The pieces will be sold on first-come-first served basis. While the price of a decorated wooden chariot wheel has been fixed at Rs 50,000, a piece of prava (a decorative wood work on the chariot) will cost Rs 25,000. We have invited people to send their applications or contact us through mobile phone."
 The devotees can reach the temple administration at 9437281288 and 9861093172.
 Besides, the guja (the wooden plate connecting wheel base and floor of chariot) will be sold for Rs 10,000 and asuri (wooden pillar on the chariot) for Rs 10,000 a piece. The temple administration has decided to sell 108 wheels, 103 pieces of guja, 83 pieces of asuri and nine pieces of prabha. These are parts of the three chariots of Lord Jagannath and his siblings that are lying with the administration since 2012.
 Mohapatra said: "Earlier, the parts of the chariots were used as firewood in the temple kitchens. The sale move is in response to the interest evinced by the devotees." He, however, said they would request the devotees buying the chariot parts not to misuse them.
 "If any one misuses it, we will initiate action against the buyers according to law," he said.