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Beesa Yantra – Benefits of Beesa Yantra and its meaning

Beesa Yantra is a powerful Yantra used to solve all issues that a human being face. The main benefit of the Yantra is that it helps in resolving all the complex problems that a man faces during his time on earth. The meaning of Beesa Yantra is that it contains 32 angles and represents all the important deities. There are six major types of Beesa Yantra.

Benefits of Beesa Yantra include: 
Attaining immense wealth.
Overcoming enemy
Controlling ghosts
Fulfillment of desires

After performing the puja a person can wear it or hang it in an appropriate place in his/her house.

Some of the popular Beesa Yantra dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses include – Durga Beesa Yantra and Lakshmi Beesa Yantra