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Vrat for Conceiving – Hindu Vrat Observed for Getting Pregnant – Early Pregnancy

The Hindu vrat that should be observed for conceiving should be dedicated to Bhagvan Sri Krishna. You can observe prayers and fasting on Wednesday dedicated to Sri Krishna. Another option is to observe vrat on Tuesday dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti.

For Krishna, offer prayers to the child form of Sri Krishna. Fasting should be from morning to sunset. Prayers dedicated to Sri Krishna can be chanted in morning or evening. On any Wednesday you can also do food donation to poor and orphaned children. You can also donate dress to poor children on the day. The fast and vrat and performed for any number of Wednesdays.

Prayers dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti should be done on Tuesdays or Fridays. Simple prayers dedicated to the Goddess should be chanted. Fasting is from sunrise to sunset. Food or cloth donation to poor children should be done on the day if possible.

Other options include prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on Pradosh day.