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All Hope That You Are Looking During New Year 2020 Is Within You

We are daily hearing New Year 2020 brings with it optimism and the hope for a new beginning. We only hear positive talks all around. Lots of advices… on what is wrong with the world, how it can be corrected…

Everyone pledges to begin anew today.

Quite often we hear words like New Year brings with it new promises and possibilities.

All pessimistic talks are shooed down during this period of the year.

Those that very well know that future is bleak goes about saying that difficult as it may be but we must welcome New Year with the hope for a much better year.

We get to hear such positive talks on every New Year.

Will there ever be a New Year when we can say Peace is here, prosperity is here and so let us not hope but maintain this peace and prosperity. A New Year when we will not be forced to hear all this talk of hope and optimism.

Such a new year will never come because we are searching for hope and happiness outside.

All this talk of optimism and better days are based on outside source. When Bliss is within us 365 days. But we go around foolishly searching for it outside.

Find the happiness within and overcome the ignorance of time, days, months and years. Stop depending on outside source for happiness.