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Swami Madhavananda Thoughts based on Vairagya Sutram of Bhartrhari

One must realize the futility of good deeds performed in our earthly life with the object of enjoying happiness in the heaven or the higher Lokas, for heavenly enjoyments are transitory as being the result produced by our virtuous merits; when the force of these merits is spent out, the enjoyments must cease and the soul will again be drawn back to the cycle of births an deaths, until by jnana or spiritual illumination, it has obtained Moksha or final release from the wheel of transmigration.
Ordinary persons when they give themselves up to enjoyments, lose all control and become slaves to them; so even when satiety comes, they cannot detach themselves from them, as the force of blind attachment has enslave them. But Shiva, who has subdued His mind, is unaffected by them, as in His state of mental poise of Yoga, pleasure and pain are the same to Him.
The worldly happiness is but the temporary remedy we constantly seek for all the disease with which worldly life is beset. When this r…