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Story of Lakshman Going through Trial of Fire in the Ramayana of Baiga Tribe of Central India

There is a unique story in the Ramayana of Baiga Tribe of Central India. In the story Lakshman goes through trial of fire to prove his fidelity. Lakshman was leading a life of Brahmachari during the exile period in the Ramayana.
During the exile in the forest, Lakshman used to play the Kingri musical instrument. He played it so beautifully that Apsara Indrakamini of heaven was attracted to Lakshman.
She tried to induce him into love making. But all her efforts failed. The apsara was jealous and angry. To avenge her insult, one night when Lakshman was fast asleep she broke her bangles and scattered it on his bed. She also left an earring of her on the bed.
Next day morning when Mata Sita came to sweep the room, she discovered the bangles and earring. She reported the matter to Sri Ram.
Lakshman was unable to convince his brother and Mata Sita that he was innocent.
An angry Lakshman then decided to take the trial of fire to prove his fidelity. He jumped into a huge fire pit and cam…

Manav Mandir Temple at Brevard in Florida – Hindu Temple at Suntree at Brevard County in United States

ManavMandirTemple – House of Humanity – is a new HinduTemple at BrevardCounty in Florida in United States. The temple was thrown open to devotees during the second week of August 2014. The temple is located off Wickham Road at Suntree in Brevard.

The $9.4 million Manav Mandir Temple has separate shrines in the complex dedicated to Ganesha, Shreenathji (Sri Krishna), Goddess Saraswati, Radha Krishna, Satyanarayan, Shiva, Mahalakshmi, Goddess Durga, Kartikeya, Rajarajeshwari, Ram Parivar, Hanuman, Shirdi Sai Baba, Bhudevi, Sridevi, Balaji and Navgrahas.
The temple is dedicated to the Hindu community in BrevardCounty.
Some information about the ManavMandirTemple: Total cost - $9.4 millionLocated on 37 acres of landAll murtis (idols) worshipped in the temple are hand carved from white marble or black granite in IndiaThe temple features grand columns, intricately molded, 25-foot tall gopurams — or steeples — and other design elements that follow Hindu scriptural guidelines.The temple compl…

Why we should not look at the Moon on Ganesh Chaturthi day? - The Story of Ganesha Cursing Moon

There is a common belief that one should not look at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chaturthi) day. There is an interesting story to this regard in Hindu scriptures. On a Ganesh Chaturthi day, Ganesha was eating sweets from the houses that were celebrating his birthday. Ganesha’s stomach was overfilled with ‘Modaks’ and other sweets and he could not move. So, he decided to ride on his vehicle mouse.

Mouse or Moshika was happily carrying Ganesha but suddenly a snake appeared and the mouse lost his balance and Ganesha fell down. Due to the intensity of the fall, the sweets in the over bloated stomach of Ganesha came tumbling out. Ganesha was not ready to give up the sweets and stuffed them back into his stomach and used the snake as rope to keep the stomach and the sweets intact.

Suddenly, Ganesha heard someone laughing and on looking he found that the moon was making fun of his fall. In a fit of rage, Ganesha removed one of his tusks and hurled it at the moon and cursed that he…

Chandrasekharendra Saraswati of Kamakoti on To Be a True Man

The first step in this process of enlightenment is to make a man truly a man, by ensuring that he does not live on an animal level.
The second step is to raise him to the heights of divinity.
All religions have this goal. They may represent different systems of thought and philosophy. But their concern ought to be that man is not condemned as he is today to a life of desire and anger.
All religions speak in one voice that man must be rendered good and that he must be invested with the qualities of love, humility, serenity, and the spirit of sacrifice.
Chandrasekharendra Saraswati of Kamakoti