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Human Pyramid Festival in India Dedicated to Sri Krishna in Mumbai – Maharashtra

The annual birthday festival celebrations of Sri Krishna is noted for the formation of human pyramid in Maharashtra especially in Mumbai. The festival is known as Dahi Handi. In 2024, date of Human Pyramid Festival is August 27. The festival is a perfect amalgamation of sport and spirituality and provides youngsters an opportunity to be adventurous and to show team spirit and unity. Young boys and girls make human pyramids to break the earthen pot hanging high above and the attempt to break the pot is accompanied by the chanting of ‘Govinda ala re’ and by loud sounds of cymbals and drums. The festival is also known as ‘Gopal kala’. The name comes from a dish or a mixture of yoghurt, pounded rice and jaggery, which is offered to  Krishna  on the day. The same mixture is placed in the Dahi Handi pot. Legend has it that Sri Krishna was very fond of curd and butter. He and his friends used steal butter from the houses in Vrindavan. To save their curd and butter from Sri Krishna

Radha Raman Temple at Vrindavan

Radha Raman Temple at Vrindavan is dedicated to Bhagvan Sri Krishna and is one of the rare temples in Vrindavan which has original murtis or idols worshipped in the sanctum sanctorum. Most other temples have replicas as they were removed to safe locations during the attack of Aurangazeb. Legend has it that the murti worshipped at Radha Raman Temple at Vrindavan manifested from a Shaligram to fulfill the desire of Gopala Bhatta Goswami to have a darshan of Bhagvan Sri Krishna. Radha Raman means “one who gives pleasure to Radha.” Story of Radha Raman Murti Legend has it that Gopala Bhatta was once bathing in the Gandhaki River and noticed that his copper vessel was filled with 12 stones. He removed the stones and again dipped the copper vessel in the river and once again found the same set of 12 stones in the vessel. He again removes the stone and finds them again in the vessel. He then decides to carry the stones home and that night Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Should We Trust Our Inner Voice? - Thoughts on Intuition by Hindu Blog

Many a times we were able to overcome an ugly situation by listening to our inner voice. We should always trust our intuition. Our inner voice will always be correct if we are honest and not prejudiced. It will be the best guiding force, if our mind is not corrupted by unwanted desires, anger, jealousy and greediness. One aspect to be kept in mind is that we should not confuse between wishful desires and intuition. Inner voice is a message from the supreme truth. But to receive it we need to achieve a state of mind. This state of mind can be achieved only by following the path of Dharma. We need to develop a pure heart by removing the dust of ignorance. The deep dust of ignorance is hampering the reception. It must also be remembered that the result of listening to the inner voice might not always be positive. So you need to be prepared to accept the decision of the Supreme Truth whole heartedly. Through practice we can make intuition a constant companion. It wil