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Marathi Calendar 2015 with Tithi in pdf in English – Free Download of Maharashtra Calendar in English Format

Marathi Calendar 2015 in pdf in English is created by Hindu Blog and is based on the Panchang and calendars followed in Maharashtra. The calendar is based on Tithi and contains all important festival and fasting dates. You can download it for free in pdf format. Please note that there are no information on shubh muhurat, marriages (Vivah muhurat), Mundan ceremony, Upanayan, house warming (grih Pravesh) etc.
This calendar is easy to use and contains all the basic information in a simple format. The numerals used are English. Information is also provided in English
You can read in pdf format online and download and save copy and read using pdf reader.
The Panchangam and calendar can be downloaded from here - Marathi Calendar 2015 with Tithi in pdf in English by Hindu Blog.

Baidyanath Dham Mandir at Deoghar in Jharkhand – Baba Baidyanath Shiva Temple at Deoghar in Jharkhand

One of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples dedicated to Shiva, Baidyanath Dham Mandir at Deoghar in Jharkhand is the only place where Shiva is worshipped as Manokamana Linga and Aughara Dani. Baba Baidyanath at the ShivaTemple in Deoghar grants all wishes of his devotees.
As per Padma Puran and Shiva Mahapuran, Ravana performed intense penance to please. Shiva was pleased with the devotion of Ravana and appeared before him.
Ravana asked Shiva to the ever present in his kingdom. To fulfill the wish of his devotee, Shiva gave Ravana one of the Jyotirlinga. But Shiva put the condition that the Shivling should not be kept down. Shiva who knew about the adharmic intentions of Ravana asked Varuna to sit inside the stomach of the demon king.
When Ravana reached Deoghar, Varuna played his part and caused a stomach upset. Ravana had to relieve himself and so he gave the Shivling to a Sadhu, Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu in disguise.
Bhagvan Vishnu then esbalished the Shivling at Deoghar and disappeared.

All sorrows are a result of our wrong relationship with the objects of the world outside – Swami Chinmayananda

The youth are not useless. They are used less!
Must, will, shall, can, must your positive verbs and not if.
Coated, booted, suited, wanting only food clothing and shelter, is this how you want to spend your whole life from the womb to the tomb?
Success is the tribute life pays to excellence.
Return back to the road by which from the Supreme you reached here and realize your own Self!
The man of perfection is like a breeze that passes by without asking. When the windows are open, it purifies the atmosphere by its mere passing. It changes its direction without hesitation when the door is closed.
All sorrows are a result of our wrong relationship with the objects of the world outside. Swami Chinmayananda