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Snake Bite Cure At Achankovil Ayyappa Temple

Achankovil Ayyappa Temple is one among the five important temples dedicated to Ayyappa in Kerala. The temple is also famous for snake bite cure. It is widely believed that any kind of poisoning — especially snake bites — will be cured if the sandalwood paste of the deity is consumed.

Times of India reports 
The Achankovil Ayyappa temple, under the Travancore Devaswom, is one of the five temples where Lord Ayyappa is worshiped in various stages of life from balya (child) to sanyasa (hermit stage). 
The temple is an exception in yet another way. Anyone, irrespective of religious beliefs, who seeks a cure for snakebite is allowed to enter the temple premises. He/she will have to stay in the 'padippura' for a couple of days after consuming the sandalwood paste and applying it on the forehead to be cured.
The Ayyappa idol at this temple is in such a posture that his right hand is held like a cup where the sandalwood paste is poured. Along with a pinch of the paste, some teertham (holy water) is given to the victim.