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Dadhimati Mata – Information about Goddess Dadhimati

Dadhimati Mata is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Lakshmi. She is the sister of Sage Dadhichi and appeared to annihilate Demon Vikatasur. The most famous temple dedicated to Goddess Dadhimati is located in Nagaur District in Rajasthan.

Dadhimati Mataji is the family deity of Dadhich Brahmins and of many Jat and Baniya communities.

The goddess is famous as a wish fulfilling deity. It is believed that she blesses her devotees with peace and prosperity. She is also worshipped for healthy children.

Legend has it that Goddess Dadhimati Mata appeared to annihilate Vikatasur. The demon hid inside Dadhisagar to escape from the goddess. Mother Goddess then churned the waters of Dadhisagar and killed the demon during the evening period on the Magh Shukla Paksha Ashtami. The goddess was given the name Dadhimati after this incident by Lord Brahma.

Sage Dadhichi had sacrificed his life so that Devas could create weapons with his bones and annihilate demons. To honor this sacrifice, Goddess Dadhimati became the family deity of the lineage of Sage Dadhichi.