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Navaneetha Krishna - Crawling Child Form Of Lord Krishna

Navaneetha Krishna is one of the child forms of Bhagwan Sri Krishna. In this form, Child Krishna is seen as dancing with joy on having secured a ball of butter to eat. A small ball of butter is shown in the murti of Navaneetha Krishna. In some images, Sri Krishna is depicted as a crawling baby.

Navaneetha Krishnan concept is very popular in South India.

In the murti form Navaneetha Krishna stands on left leg which is slightly bent at the knee joint. The right leg is lifted up and bent inwards as in dancing.

The right holds a ball of butter in it. The left arm is stretched out.

It is also a very common sculpture and wooden toys of Navaneetha Krishna were very prominent in South India.

Prayers are offered in Navaneethakrishnan for healthy children by couples. Prayers are also offered for early cure of illness in children. Couples without children also offer prayers to the murti.