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Goddess Bhudevi

Goddess Bhudevi is the Mother Earth and she is the consort of Hindu God Vishnu. As per Hinduism, Goddess Bhudevi is the one who nourishes or sustains all living beings. When Adharma rises on earth, she calls for the attention of Vishnu. Many scriptures mention of Goddess Bhudevi complaining to Vishnu regarding the depredations and oppressions caused by demons. Then Vishnu takes an Avatar and installs Dharma by annihilating the demons.
Goddess Bhudevi is always depicted with two arms - right hand holding utpala - the blue lotus in her right raised hand. The other hand is in Varada mudra.

Bhudevi is worshipped in some of the important temples dedicated to Vishnu – especially at Tirupati Balaji Temple. Murtis of Goddess Bhudevi are mainly found in South India.

Goddess Bhudevi also takes the form of cow. This is why in some regions cow is equated with mother earth.

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