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Quotes from Chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita

Purity (Sattva), passion (Rajas), and inertia (Tamas) – these Gunas born of Prakriti bind fast in the body the embodied, the indestructible.

Of these Sattva, which, because of its stainlessness, is luminous and healthy, binds by attachment to happiness and by attachment to knowledge.

Know though rajas to be of the nature of passion, the source of thirst and attachment, it binds fast the embodied one, by attachment of action)

But know that tamas is born of ignorance. Deluding all embodied beings, it binds fast, by heedlessness, indolence and sleep.

When through every gate in this body the light of intelligence shines, then it may be known that Sattva is predominant.

Those who are abiding in sattva go upwards; the rajasic dwell in the middle; and the tamasic, abiding in the function of the lowest guna, go downwards.

He who seated like one unconcerned is not moved by the gunas who knowing that the gunas operate, is self-centered and swerves not.

The same in honor and dishonor; the same to friend and foe; abandoning all undertakings – he is said to have crossed the gunas.