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Quote from Vedas on the conduct of Rulers

O virtuous and prosperous king, be knowledgeable about your conduct as the protector of the learned and impeller of our progress and prosperity. Be in control of your passions and conduct yourself in a righteous manner. Be a friend to us. Know the conduct as laid down by all sages. (Yajurveda Chapter VIII, verse 50)

O king, elected by the learned and. wise for carrying out the duty of State, I accept thee who is knowledgeable, practices yoga, is full of humility, leader among leaders, expert in science and kind. The administration is thy mainstay. I accept thee. Thou have been elected by the people, I accept thee…” (Yajurveda Chapter IX, verse 2)

The assembly of the learned, the assembly of spiritual leaders, and the assembly of the administrators are the three organs of governance. These should provide speedy justice and solution of problems, be fully constituted, manage the affairs of state with prowess and skills and maintain the righteousness of the government. (Yajurveda Chapter XX verse 43)