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Swami Chinmayananda on the Section Aranyakas in the Vedas

The very term, by which the book containing the Upanishads is called, Aranyakas, means that which is to be taught and studied in the forest.

 It means that a field of peace and majesty is necessary for the mind and intellect vehicle to speed out and take off from the gross, material earth – earthly thoughts and considerations.

You need not look aghast at this statement. Even when you have some small personal problem, say to resign the present job or not, what do you do? Don’t you walk out of home and go to a quiet and silent park and lying down there under a tree, mentally review the pros and cons and come to a final decision?

When an ordinary material problem needs this much of solitude, peace and space-sense about us, how much more should one need the help of a right atmosphere to delve within and seek the Eternal Well of Life?
Swami Chinmayananda

SourceDiscourses on Kenopanishad by Swami Chinmayananda