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Story Of The Birth Of Goddess Parvati On Earth To Be Wife Of Shiva

Story of the birth of Goddess Parvati is found in the Puranas and Mother Goddess appeared on earth to restore the balance in universe. The tumults in the universe were the result of Shiva entering into deep meditation after the self immolation of Goddess Sati. There was no creation. Everything came to a standstill. To revive creation and restore balance in the universe Mother Goddess Shakti appeared again as Goddess Parvati.

Legend has it that Himavan, the king of the mountains, once performed intense austerities to fulfill the desire that Mother Goddess should be born as his daughter.

He performed the tapas for several years and one day went to take bath in the Padmatheertha (Lake) in the Himalayas.

There he saw a very huge lotus with thousands of petals. Middle of the lotus was a new born who was happily playing.

Himavan went into the lake and took up the new born.

It was a girl child with a divine aura.

Himavan showed the child to his wife Mena Devi who was ecstatic.

They adopted the child and named the baby Parvati.

This is the story of the divine birth of Goddess Parvati.