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Rudraksha for Pregnancy – Which Rudraksha Should Pregnant Women Wear?

The Rudraksha associated with Pregnancy is the one associated with Shiva and Shakti. It is said that Ardhanarishwara – which is the half man and half woman manifestation – blesses pregnant women.

So the Rudraksha that should be worn by pregnant women is the Do Mukhi Rudraksha – the one with two face. Shiva and Shakti are the deities of this Rudraksh. It is also blessed by Chandra, the moon god.

It is said that by wearing the do mukhi rudraksha the pregnant women will overcome all fears. She will also not have bad dreams, hysteria, and illness.

The pregnant women can wear the rudraksha on stomach or any part of the body. She can also keep it under the pillow on her bead.