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Jalasamadhi – The concept of Jalsamadhi in Hinduism

Jalasamadhi is the ritual of giving up one’s life in water on one’s own will. The concept of Jalsamadhi in Hinduism exists from the Vedic times. It is believed that father of Ashtavakra had performed this yogic method after he was defeated in a debate.

Jalasamadhi is a yogic method. A yogi decides to cast off his/her body in water. The yogi then enters the water and gives up his/her life without experiencing any pain or the dualities of happiness and grief.

When a yogi realizes that the purpose of the human body has been accomplished, the yogi then enters into Samadhi – when this is performed underwater it is known as Jalasamadhi.

Jalsamadhi should not be considered as suicide. People who commit suicide want to escape from the pains of this life or are under emotional stress. Instead this is shedding of the body after its purpose is over.