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Which Rudraksha Should Be Used for Vashikaran?

Rudraksha is believed to have formed from the tears of Hindu God Shiva. Vashikaran is attempting to control a person. There is no Rudraksha for Vashikaran. All such beliefs are superstitious and waste of money and energy.

The concept of Vashikaran is totally negative. Rudraksh is positive energy. It cannot be used to control a person. In fact all such products that claim to help in Vashikaran are fake.

A devotee should wear Rudraksh for positive purpose. What you are attempting to achieve through negative means can be attained positively.

So stop wasting your money on Vashikaran Rudrakshas and put that energy in developing a mind for hard work and positive thoughts.

Answer to a question asked by a reader regarding Vashikaran Rudraksh.