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Sangameswara Temple Surfaces from the Waters of Srisailam Dam

Sangameswara Temple remains underwater for the major part of the year except during summers. This ancient temple was devoured by the Srisailam Dam. It appears during summer when the water level declines to 834 feet.

After the completion of the Dam in 1981, the Sangameswara Temple was completely submerged. But it reappeared in 2003. Since then the temple surfaces every summer when the water level goes below 834 feet.

Special pujas are performed during the period in the temple.

When Krishna River receives the first monsoon water, the temple once again goes underwater.

Sangameswara temple is located about 60 km from Kurnool.

It is believed that the temple is older than the Srisailam Temple (which is a Jyotirlinga temple). The Shivling worshipped in the temple is unique.

Fossilized wooden Shivling is worshipped here.

Bhavanasi River joins Krishna River at Sangameswara.

When Srisailam Dam was built several temples were relocated. All the temples were located on the banks of the Krishna River. The relocated temples include Siddeswaram, Malleswaram, Kapileswaram and Someswaram.

Sangameswara Temple was not relocated on the request of Kanchi Paramacharya.