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Underwater temples in Gobind Sagar Lake at Bhakra Dam in Bilaspur to be relocated

The Gobind Sagar Lake on Sutlej River in Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh was created after the construction of the Bhakra Dam in 1960s. As a result of the Bhakra Dam reservoir, 28 temples submerged into the water. Of the 28 submerged temples, 12 were of great archaeological importance belonging to 8th and 19th century AD period. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has now declared the 12 submerged temples as monuments of National Importance and will be relocated.

…Centre respected the sentiments of displaced people during the Nagarjuna sagar and Narmada valley projects and the same should be done in the state. The chief minister said the locals had allowed submersion of their temples to pave the way for the completion of first hydro electric power plant of the country in 1963. (The Hindu)

Many of the submerged temples in Gobind Sagar Lake at Bhakra Dam are partially visible when the water recedes during winter and early summer in Himachal Pradesh.

Nagara style temples in old Bilaspur town were noted for its architecture and paintings.


Ancient Hindu Temple Trans-located