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Swami Protoplasm Teachings

A few teachings of Swami Protoplasm.

Everyone is made up of cells and protoplasm. It is unavoidable truth that we all share the same family – that of a protoplasm. Through the discovery of protoplasm, scientists are corroborating the Vedantic principle that there is one Atman in all beings – the same that is in you is also in the weakest and strongest of human beings, animals, reptiles and birds. I do not see myself as separate from any of these.

Everything around us is protoplasm. What protoplasm is to science, Brahman is to Rishis. Consciousness is beyond definition. The wonderstruck rishis after intense Tapasya saw before them a vast source of creation that was endless, most compassionate and immensely blissful – that was the only Truth.

They exclaimed – that which pervades the entire unbroken form of the circle of creation, moving and unmoving to that beautiful and benevolent Guru through whom that state was revealed to me – salutations.