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Chaturdashi on Tuesday – Fourteenth Day of Fortnight on Tuesday – Angarak Chaturdashi

When Chaturdashi Tithi, or the fourteenth day, during the fortnight falls on Tuesday it is known as Angarak Chaturdashi. The day is highly meritorious for performing Yama Tarpanam and other rituals dedicated to the departed souls.

 Angarak Yog is associated with fiery Mangal.

Chaturdashi on Tuesday is even highly meritorious if it happens during the Krishna Paksha or the waning phase of moon.

Additional Information

Angarak Chaturdashi, occurring when the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight aligns with a Tuesday, holds significant spiritual and astrological implications, particularly in Hindu culture. This day is considered highly auspicious for engaging in various rituals aimed at appeasing Yama, the deity presiding over death, and honoring departed ancestors.

One of the most prominent rituals observed on Angarika Chaturdashi is Yama Tarpanam, a sacred offering made to Yama to seek blessings for the well-being and spiritual elevation of deceased ancestors. This act is believed to provide solace to the departed souls and ensure their smooth transition to the afterlife.

The association of Angarak Chaturdashi with Mangal (Mars), known for its fiery and assertive nature in Vedic astrology, adds a layer of intensity to the significance of the day. Mangal is believed to influence aggression, vitality, and courage, and its conjunction with Chaturdashi on a Tuesday can amplify the spiritual potency of the rituals performed.

Furthermore, the alignment of Chaturdashi with the waning phase of the moon, known as Krishna Paksha, enhances the auspiciousness of the day according to Vedic beliefs. During this lunar phase, energies are thought to be conducive to spiritual practices aimed at release and purification. Hence, observing Angarak Chaturdashi during Krishna Paksha is considered especially beneficial for those seeking spiritual growth and liberation from karmic bonds.

The observance of Angarak Chaturdashi varies in different regions, with variations in rituals and customs based on local traditions and cultural practices. However, regardless of regional variations, the underlying significance of honoring ancestors and seeking spiritual merit remains consistent across Hindu communities.

In summary, Angarak Chaturdashi is a sacred occasion marked by the convergence of astrological and spiritual factors, making it an opportune time for performing rituals dedicated to ancestors and seeking blessings for spiritual advancement. It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between the living and the departed, fostering a sense of continuity and reverence for ancestral wisdom and blessings.