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Dakini in Hindu Tradition

Dakini is a semi-divine female being in Hindu tradition with supernatural powers. They are attendants of Rudra Shiva. They are also counted as group six shaktis or divine mothers. Dakini is also part of seven yoginis in Tantric tradition. Agni Purana refers to Dakinis as dangerous spirits.

The name Dakini because they can fly. She is also associated with the Muladhara Chakra. She is believed to be the Shakti or feminine force in a trance sleep. She is also associated with the Ida Nadi.
Earliest inscriptions on Dakinis suggest that they had magical powers. They had powers to stir up oceans through chants. Shiva in the form of Bhairava was worshipped by Dakinis and their followers.
In folklores, Dakinis are possessors of occult powers. They acquired it through harsh religious rituals and rites. They used their magic to turn human beings into animals, reptiles and birds.
Kathasarita Sagara narrates stories of Dakinis and in it they can fly around and they eat human flesh.

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When is next Kumbha Mela? – Date of Next Kumbh Mela

When is next Kumbha Mela? Next Kumbha Mela will be held at Trimbakeshwar in Nashik in Maharashtra. The first ceremony date is July 14, 2015. The first bathing date is August 29, 2015. The next important bathing date is September 13. The third important bathing date is on September 25, 2015.
When Jupiter (Guru) and Sun are in zodiac sign Leo (Simha Rashi), Kumbh Mela is celebrated in Trimbakeshwar, Nashik.

There are two important reasons why Kumbh Mela is held in India. One is based on stories in scriptures and another is a practical reason. The practical reason is that Kumbh Mela is meant for the great minds in Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) to meet and discuss and share knowledge for the welfare of the living beings. Decisions and new findings in philosophy and science taken during the Kumbh Mela are then carried by the saints to different parts of the world.

Varaha Purana in Hindi – Read Varah Purana Online in Hindi

Varaha Purana is one of the most important Puranas. The Purana narrates the story of Varah incarnation of Vishnu. The Puran contains valuable information on the observance of numerous vrats and pujas. It also details regarding the origin of various rituals. It also narrates many important stories and teachings. Now the Ved Puran website is offering the entire Varaha Purana in Hindi online. It is not in pdf format so you cannot download it. So you can only read it online.
Link – Read Varaha Purana in Hindi online.

The only method by which you can get out of this mad world is by turning inward – Swami Chinmayananda

Renunciation is not to be construed as mere physical retirement from the activities of the world, but it is measured by the disinterest that an individual bears for the world at the mental level. It is a state of mind.
True renunciation can be developed through constant practice of right living, devotion, and scriptural studies.
TURN INWARD! This is the only method by which you can get out of this mad world!
Sit down and consciously withdraw your mind as though in sleep and experience that stage where there is no object, emotion or thought. That conscious "sleep" is called Samadhi.
The disease of life is called the perception of plurality. This is caused by a very powerful germ called ‘ego’ or separative idea. This thrives on the mind and the intellect. Swami Chinmayananda