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Why Cow Dung is Holy in Hindu Religion? - The Story in Puranas

In Hindu religion, cow dung is holy because it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in it. Legend has it that once Goddess Lakshmi was passing through a grassy meadow and happened to see thousands of cows grazing.
Goddess Lakshmi was pleased with the sight and offered them a boon.
The cows were content and they themselves were manifestation of prosperity. Therefore, they did not ask any boon.
But Goddess Lakshmi was adamant.
The cows then thought for a while and told Goddess that they should have prosperity in their dung also. Goddess Lakshmi granted the boon.
From that day onwards, cow dung became holy.

This story is found in the Anusasana Parva of Mahabharata.

On Mural Paintings in Temples in Kerala

Mural Paintings are part of more than 150 prominent temples in Kerala. Originally found as cave paintings in the ancient ThirunandikkaraCaveTemple, mural paintings in Kerala is the profusion of line drawings in the paintings and their distinctive coloring.
The mural paintings strictly adhere to the Dhyana Slokams of each deity that they represent. 
Traditionally, only four colors were used. Not counting white, which was the unpainted area, the other colours were yellow, red, black and green.
All colors are derived from organic sources.
The preparation of the surface on which Mural is painted itself took several weeks of plastering and drying (upto 28 times) using a mix of lime and tender coconut water with the final layer being “only as thick as a tamarind leaf!” You can read more about Mural Paintings in Temples in Kerala in The Hindu  “There were stylistic differences in the way murals were painted in the north and south,” points out Prince Thonnakkal, who teaches the fine art of…

Wise Sayings of Ancient Teachers of Hinduism

When you want to convince your mind one finds several excuses.
The intelligence of a person who travels in different countries and associates with scholars expands, just as a drop of oil expands in water.
For one who is in difficulty, intelligence is wealth.
For one who wants heaven, righteousness is wealth.
Charity alone is said to be the most righteous deed in Kali Yuga.

In charity when a person gives food during famine, gold when there is prosperity and courage at the time of fear, he earns respect even in heaven.