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Abhicharika Form of Vishnu Worshipped

Four forms of Bhagvan Vishnu are worshiped in temples and sacred places. They are Yoga, Bhoga, Vira and Abhicharika forms. The abhicharika form of Vishnu is worshipped very rarely and is done by those people who have evil designs.
Abhicharika form of Vishnu is worshipped for the purpose of defeating enemies. To cause damage and death on enemies.
As the murti is inauspicious and unfit, it is not worshipped in temples.
Such murtis are usually installed in forests, mountains, marshy tracts, forts and in secret places.

The murt is in the usual form of Vishnu worshipped in temples. It is immovable.

Sugavaneswarar Temple at Salem in Tamil Nadu

Dedicated to Hindu God Shiva, SugavaneswararTemple at Salem in Tamil Nadu is a 500-year-old temple spread over two acres of land in the heart of Salem town. The Rajaganapathy temple and the KashiVishwanatharTemple are two equally popular subsidiary shrines in the large temple complex. The temple is located on the banks of ManimutharRiver. The main linga that is worshipped in the temple is Swayambhu – appeared on its own. The linga is slightly slanted.
The main murti of Shiva in the temple is believed to have been worshipped by Suka Muni, Kamadhenu and Adi Sesha. The temple is also associated with saint poetess Avvaiyar. Goddess Parvati is worshipped in a separate shrine as Swarnambigai, Maragathavalli and Patchivalli. Legends of Sugavaneswarar Temple at Salem Legend has it that the temple was one among the five temples visited by Bheema, the second of the Pandava Brothers.  The temple and the place is known as Sukha Vanam as Suka Rishi worshipped the Shivling; The place is believed …

Girivalam Date and Time in November 2013 – Thiruvannamalai Girivalam November 2013 during Karthigai Deepam

Thiruvannamalai Girivalam is the circumambulation around the Arunachala Hill in Thiruvannamalai. Girivalam in November 2013 is highly auspicious as it is held during the Karthigai Deepam festival. Girivalam Date and Time in November 2013 is November 16.
Detail Time is  8:03 PM on November 16 to 8:12 PM on November 17
The Girivalam in November 2013 will be held during the Tiruvannamalai Mahadeepam. Thousands of devotees will arrive to have a glimpse of the deepam atop the holy mountain.

Navgraha Pictures on Ganjifa Cards

Navgrahas are the nine heavenly bodies that have the power to influence upon life on the earth. Navgraha Pictures on Ganjifa Cards are hand drawn and colored using natural colors. The Navgrahas are Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. The game of Ganjifa Cards was very popular in ancient India. The cards contain hand painted images of Navgrahas.

You can view and download Navgraha Pictures on Ganjifa Cards here at IGNCA website.

One gets only what one has striven for – Yoga Vasishta

So long as the cloud of ego hides the moon of jnana, the lily of the Self will not bloom.
I prostrate to myself who am within all beings, the ever free self abiding as inner consciousness.
Destiny (fate) is nothing but what inevitably happens as good or bad result of our own efforts already put forth.
One gets only what one has striven for, nothing is ever achieved by sitting idle.

The sages are to be approached even if they do not teach. Even their talks in a light vein contain wisdom. Yoga Vasishta