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Vrischik Rashi Mantra in Hindi – Vrischika Rasi Mantra

Vrischik Rashi is the seventh among the 12 moon signs as per traditional Hindu moon astrology. This Vrischika Rasi Mantra in Hindi is the most important mantra and is chanted for overcoming all astrological related troubles that Vrischik Rashi faces.
The mantra is highly meritorious and helps in avoiding danger, getting jobs and solving marriage related problems.
The mantra can be chanted while performing daily prayers. 

Vrischik Rashi Mantra in Hindi

Siddhidatri Maa – Goddess Siddhidatri Mata

Siddhidatri Maa is worshiped on the ninth day of Navratri and she is ninth among the Navadurgas. Siddhidatri Mata is worshipped for fulfillment of desires. A person attains siddhi through the worship of the Goddess.  Goddess Siddhidatri is worshipped by sadaks for attaining Dharm, Arth, Kam and Moksha.
Siddhidatri Maa sits on the lotus flower. She is four-armed and holds chakra, mace, lotus flower and conch.
This is no a fierce form of Goddess Shakti. She is shows motherly affection. She is worshiped by all those who wish to attain self realization. Therefore sometimes her image is depicted with saints seeking her blessing.
In some images all kinds of people are seen seeking Her blessings including demons. This means she is mother of all does not discriminate among her children.
Goddess Siddhidatri Mata Mantra Lotus in Hinduism

Swami Turiyananda – Words to Contemplate

One should be consistent in thought and words. It won’t do to let the lips utter something which the mind does not approve. What the mind thinks, the lips too should express, and vice versa. What has once come out of the lips must be carried out at all cost. One who acts thus finds everything getting favorable to him.
Control of the senses is not to be brought about by violent effort. Only by realizing Him it is perfectly achieved. But at first one must struggle for this end. Afterwards it becomes quite natural. Still one should never be over-confident. Just as an intelligent hunter catches a deer and ties it up, so after succeeding in controlling the organs one should be alert, and continue to hold the mind and organs in check.
All trouble is over if the palate and sex impulse are conquered. … When the palate is controlled the sex impulse is also controlled. Unless the senses are brought under control there cannot be any spiritual progress.

Swami Turiyananda