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Kanya Rashi Mantra in Hindi – Kanya Rashi Mantra

Kanya Rashi is the sixth among the 12 moon signs as per traditional Hindu moon astrology. This Kanya Rashi Mantra in Hindi is the most important mantra and is chanted for overcoming all astrological related troubles that Kanya Rashi. The mantra is highly meritorious and helps in avoiding danger, getting jobs and solving marriage related problems. The mantra can be chanted while performing daily prayers. Kanya Rashi Mantra in Hindi

Skandamata – About Goddess Skanda Mata

Skandamata is the Goddess worshipped on the fifth day of the nine days of Navratri Puja. Mother Goddess is known as Skanda Mata because she is the mother of Skanda or Kartik or Muruga – the commander of the army of Devas. Goddess Skanda Mata rides on a lion. Sometimes she is depicted as riding on a peacock.  She sits on her Vahana or vehicle in the lotus position – padmasana. Thus she is also known as Padmasan Devi. Skanda Mata is four armed. She holds lotuses in her two hands. With one hand she holds the young six headed Skanda or Kartik. One of her hand is in Varada Mudra posture.             Story of Skandamata Three demons – Surapadma, Simhamukha and Tarakasura – armed with powerful boon that only a son born of Shiva would kill them embarked on a massive rampage and devastation. The demons were of the belief that Shiva who was in deep meditation will not return to the life of a householder. So they thought the one destined to fight them will never be born.