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Karka Rashi Mantra in Hindi – Kark Rashi Mantra

Karka Rashi is the fourth among the 12 moon signs as per traditional Hindu astrology. This Kark Rashi Mantra in Hindi is the mool mantra and is chanted for overcoming all astrological related troubles that the Rashi person is facing.
The mantra can be chanted while performing daily prayers. The mantra is highly meritorious and helps in avoiding danger, getting jobs and solving marriage related problems. 
Karka Rashi Mantra in Hindi

Kushmanda Devi – About Goddess Kushmanda Mata

Goddess Kushmanda Devi is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. Kushmanda Mata is worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri – she is the fourth of the Navadurgas. The belief is that She created the universe and earth with a smile on her face. That is why she is known as Kushmanda Mata – the smiling and happy one.
Legend has it that it was total darkness in the beginning. Goddess Kushmanda then gave a small smile and the creation began.
Kushmanda Mata resides in the rays of the sun. She is so powerful that she overcomes the heat of the sun and provides all the necessary elements needed for the life to flourish.
Kushmanda Ma is eight armed and she rides a lion. She holds lotus, bow, arrow, Kamandalu, Chakra, mace, rosary and kalash. She wears an ornate crown with rubies.  She wears a red color sari with green blouse.
Kushmanda mata is associated with Surya Navagraha in a person's horoscope or Kundalini.
The direction associated with the goddess is North.
The ideal time to worsh…

Navratri Fasting Should Not Be Starving or Eating Oily Food

During Navratri either people fast from morning to evening or eat oily and deep fried vrat food items creating health problems. The Navratri fasting and the eating habits cause damage to health.
The best method to fast during the period is by eating small portions of food. One should eat salads, fruits, milk, water, fresh juice, vegetable juices, lassi, curd, or lemon juice during short intervals. But Why? Earlier people used to meditate during the fasting period – there was inactivity. But now people do lot of activities working, studying, traveling etc – this includes house wives they should also realize that they are working like anyone else. Proper nutrients are needed for these activities. Fasting and working causes dehydration, fatigue, weakness, stomach related disorders. It is like asking a vehicle to run without petrol.
Another method of fasting is eating oily and fried food and lots of sweets. All these foods are gorged in the name of Prasad or vrat foods.
Sabudana vada, po…

Try To Awaken the Goodness in Ourselves and Others – Mata Amritanandamayi

The world is like a mirror. Knowingly or unknowingly, we bring out the best or worst in each other. Every word, look and action is reflected in others. Usually, we project our own attitude onto others. A wrong word is enough to make a good friend our worst enemy, whereas, a kind word at the right time, can melt the heart of a cruel person. So we should always try to awaken the goodness in ourselves and others.

Children, there is nobody in this world who is entirely good or bad. There will be traces of goodness even in the “worst” person.

We should first understand our own limitations and mistakes. Only then can we forgive others for their faults. When we try to see the world through the lens of agitation and anger, we will see only those traits everywhere.

On the contrary, if we have goodness and generosity inside of us, we will see those two qualities in others as well. We will also be able to help others to awaken those positive qualities in themselves. May grace lead you children…