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Story – Why Ganesha is a Bachelor?

In majority of Hindu traditions, Hindu God Ganesh is considered to be a bachelor. There are some traditions that believe He is married to Siddhi and Ridhi. An interesting story explains why many Hindu traditions consider Ganesha as a bachelor.

Once Ganesha reached Kailash and noticed a big scratch on the face of Goddess Parvati.
Ganesh wanted to know how Mother Goddess got hurt.
Goddess Parvati then said that Ganesha was responsible for the painful scratch.
Ganapati never did it so he was baffled.
Then Mother Goddess asked Ganesha whether he had hurt anyone on the day.
Ganesha could not remember any incident.
Then Mother Goddess asked what had happened in the morning when He was drinking milk.
Ganesha then told that a cat was disturbing Him while He was drinking the milk and so He took a stick and hit it on the face.
Mother Goddess then told Ganesha that she got that beating. She explained to Him that She is present in all living and nonliving and whenever any being is hurt, it She …

Book in English – Hindu Samskaras – Download for Free

Hindu Samskaras published in 1949 and written by Raj Bali Pandey is a study on the important religious ceremonies in Hinduism. The book is currently available for free download in pdf format at the website of the Central Archaeology Library in New Delhi. The book focuses on the origin and reason as to why most Samskaras are performed.
Link – You can download the book here from ASI website - Hindu Samskaras (please note that in the link click on the pdf view to download the book)
The pdf file size is 16.2 MB.
You will need a pdf reader installed to read the book.

Tripura Rahasya Quotes

The Self does not admit of specification, and therefore no teacher can teach it. However, realize the Self within you, for it abides in unblemished intellect.

It pervades all, beginning from the personal God to the amoeba; but it is not cognizable by the mind or senses; being itself unillumined by external agencies, it illumines all, everywhere and always. It surpasses demonstration or discussion.
As long as you are contaminated with notions of me or mine (e.g., my home, my body, my mind, my intellect), the Self will not be found, for it lies beyond cognition and cannot be realized as ‘my Self’.
Retire into solitude, analyze and see what those things are which are cognized as mine; discard them all and transcending them, look for the Real Self.
Analyze everything in this way and discard it. What remains over, transcending at all, beyond conception, appropriation, or relinquishment – know That to be the Self. That knowledge is final emancipation.
Tripura Rahasya