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Quotes From Thiruppavai Of Andal

Let me tell you the objective of why we come to you early morning, bow at your lotus feet and sing your praise!

What we have come for is not to just get your grace and boons today alone.

What we seek is this… Forever and forever, in the next seven births that we may take and we should be privileged to have a relationship with You in all Your avatars…

O Lord, please ensure that any other desires of ours other than this are removed from our minds.
Thiruppavai - 29

Oh Lord (KaNNaa) of rain (mazhai) and oceans (aazhi), please do not discontinue (kai karavEl), any thing (OnRu). Diving (pukku) into (uL) the ocean (aazhi); fetching the water (mugandhu kodu), causing thunder (aarthu); going up to the sky (ERi); darkening (kaRuththu) your body (mey) like (pOl) the form (uruvam) (uruvam) of the prime Lord (mudhalvan) of the universe (oozhi); standing (ninRu) and roaring (adhirndhu) like (pOl) the shining (minni) conch (valamburi) and the chakram (aazhi) of Lord Padhmanabha (paRpanaaban) with broad (paazhi) and beautiful (am) shoulders (thOl); please do cause it rain (peydhidaay), like a torrential rain (sara mazhai) like (pOl) shooting (udhaiththa) with the divine bow (saarngam), without delay (thaazhaadhE); so that we (naangal) may live (vaazhndhida). Let us enjoy (magizhndhElor) the maargazhi nonbu (maargazhi neeraada). (Thiruppavai - 4)

Oh lady (amman), who is entering (puguginRa) the heaven (suvarkkam) through penance (nOtru)! those not opening (thiRavaadhaar) the doors (vaasal)! Won't you at least give (thaa) a reply (maatram)? Kumbakarnan (kumba karaNan), who one (oru) day (naaL) long ago (pandu) fell (veezhndha) prey to death (kootraththin vaay) due to benevolent (puNNiyan) Lord Narayanan (naraayaNan), who wears (mudi) the fragrant (naatram) garland of 'thulsi' (thuzhaay), who is praised (pOtra) by us (nammaal), who blesses (paRai tharum) us; Did he (kumbakaraNa) appear (thOtru) in your dreams and give (thandhaan) you (unakku) his grand (perum) sleep (thuyil). You utterly (aatra) lazy (anandhal) girl!, yet a rare (arum) jewel (kalam), wake up and come (vandhu) without loosing balance (thEtram), and open (thiRa) the door. (Thiruppavai - 10)

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