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Sahasralinga – About Sahara Linga Worship

Sahasralinga is one of the forms of Linga that humans can worship. In this rare Shivling, 1001 Shivling is carved on the pujyabhaga (the one facing devotee) of the main linga.

The 1001 lingas are created on the main Shivling by carving eleven lingas horizontally and 91 lingas vertically.

Sahasra Linga is worshipped at Tiruvarriyur in Tamil Nadu in South India.

Please note that today places where numerous lingas are found together is also referred as Sahasralinga.

Sahasralinga is also the name of a place near Sirsi in Karnataka – here one can see hundreds of Shivlings carved on stone in the Shalmala River.

Sahasralingas are also found in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Gujarat.