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Balabhadra’s Chariot Description – Size – Gods on Balabhadra’s Chariot during Puri Rath Yatra

Balabhadra’s Chariot during Puri Rath Yatra is known as Taladwaja. Below is the size, description and the Gods on Balabhadra’s Chariot

The Chariot of Balabhadra is known as Taladhwaja.  Meaning of the term is one with the palm tree on its flag. The chariot is also known as Hala Dhwaja - this refers to the plough weapon of Balaram.

Legend has it that the chariot was given to Balabhadra by the Devas in the tala bana or a groove of palm trees.

Another belief is that Balarama has a clear mirror on the floor (Tala) of the chariot through which he can see the reflection of universe. In fact a mirror is part of the chariot of Balabhadra.

The chariot is noted for its bluish green color canopy along with red colour.

Dimensions and Other Details of the Chariot of Balabhadra

Height: 13’.2 meter (32 cubits and 10 thumbs).  Around  45 feet.

Number of wheels: 14 (6.5 feet diameter)

Length and breadth: 33’ x 33’

The floor of throne area  is 34 square feet

Wrappings: Red, bluish green color cloths

Total Number of wooden pieces used: 763 (731 as per some texts)

The other riders in the chariot along with Balabhadra are Rama and Krishna - metal images of the deities are found in the chariot.

Adi Sesha or Ananta Naga is the deity on top of the chariot.

The pitcher at the top are Bhubana (Bimba) and Prithvi. The brow is Ketubhadra and beeja is Hum.

The chariot of Balabhadra is guarded by Bhaskara - Sun God. Bhairava of the chariot is Khetrapala.

The charioteer is Matali and the flag is named ‘Unnani.’

The horses are called Tribra (Teevra), Ghora, Dirghasharma and Swornanava. They are black in color.

Rope used is named Vasuki.

The weapons are plough (hala or mushala) and mace.

The sages present on the chariot are Angira,  Pulastya, Pulaha, Agasti, Krishna, Mudgala, Atreya and Kashyapa.

The charanas are Mahasiddha and Ulemi. The Gandharva is Hu Hu.

Tunga, Tungabhadra, Prabha, Suprabha, Dhatri and Vidhatri protect the interior of the chariot.

Nanda and Sunanda are the doorkeepers.

Ganesha, Kartikeya (skanda), Harihara, Natambara, Gajantaka, Tripurari, Pralambari, Rudra and Trayambaka are the nine presiding deities.

How to Identify the Ratha or Chariot of Lord Jagannath in Puri Rath Yatra