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Hindu Women cannot worship Hanuman – Yet another Superstition

Women cannot worship Hanuman is another superstition spread by ignorant people who have no real knowledge of Hindu scriptures. Hanuman can be worshipped by anyone. Women can worship Hanuman. He is the epitome of Bhakti and Devotion. The best example of a devotee.

The concept of women cannot worship Hanuman comes from the fact that He is a Brahmachari (he was never married). So women worshipping him is not permitted as He will not like it.

This is a silly reason. As Hanuman himself as on numerous occasion stated that he is not at all moved by the presence of women – one such occasion was when Hanuman in search of Mata Sita enters the palace of Ravana and finds many women sleeping there. Hanuman then states his mind has not been least stirred by it. It is the mind that induces the sense either to virtue or to vice. He is thus pure – who considers all living beings alike.

To any women who have doubt regarding worshipping Hanuman; go and worship Hanuman. Because he will protect you like an elder brother. He will be your protector in all your troubles.