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Goddess Huligemma Devi - Importance - Temples - History

Huligemma Devi is an incarnation of Goddess Renuka Devi. It is believed that Mother Shakti appeared in the form of Goddess Huligemma before two of her ardent devotees named Nagajogi and Basavajogi at Huligi in Karnataka.

Goddess Huligemma Devi appeared in the form of Shaligram and Sri Chakra in the village of Huligi.

Many communities believe that it is through her presence at the village that the region is able to overcome natural calamities.

The most important dates in a month associated with Goddess Huligemma Devi are Tuesdays, Fridays, Full moon day and No moon day (Amavasi).

Shibikotsava, Devi Bhagavata reading, Purana patana rituals are performed in the temple associated with Goddess Huligemma Devi. The most important temple is located at Huligi.