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Banalinga – Story of Bangalinga from Narmada River

Banalinga is a unique Shivling found in Narmada River in India with a number of striations formed by a natural process. Banalinga are Swayambhu – appeared naturally. Legend has it that Banalnga appeared on earth when Shiva destroyed the Tripuri palaces of demons. The stones from the Tripuri that fell on Narmada River turned into Banalinga.

Banalinga is named after Demon Banasura as he was an ardent devotee of Shiva and Shiva blessed him with them. It is believed that Banasaura who was doing austerities to please Shiva on the banks of Narmada collected the Lingas. As the Lingas were in the possession of Banasura it got the name.

Another legend has it that Shiva appeared in the form of Linga before Banasura on the Narmada River bank and the pieces from the linga that flowed into the Narmada River are the Banalingas.