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Download Malayalam Bhagavtham Audio in mp3

Reading of Bhagavtham – Srimad Bhagavad Purana (the avatars of Vishnu) – is considered highly meritorious. Malayalam Bhagavatha Parayanam is an important ritual in majority of temples in Kerala. Now you can download the entire Malayalam Bhagavatha Parayanam in mp3 for free. The total time is around 40 hours. The files have been divided into several mp3 files. Malayalam Bhagavtham audio is provided by Dr. A. P. Sukumar of Guruvayoor.com. Link – Malayalam Bhagavtham Audio Direct link to the  Bhagavatham Audio . The audio is of Thunchathu Ramanujan Ezhuthassan's Bhagavatham Kilippat and is uploaded by Dr . A . P . Sukumar. Please note that the blog is merely providing information about the source and we do not know about the quality of the rendition and the availability of the same every time on the website. Majority of the Hindu websites that provide bhajans or purnas disappear soon as they find it hard to maintain. This particular website has been surviving