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Origin of Sabarimala Aravana Payasam

One of the most important offering made at the famous SabarimalaAyyappaTemple is the Aravana Payasam. Millions of tinned Aravana Payasam is sold at the temple in year. The demand for payasam in special can increases during the Mandala Makaravillaku season. Origin of Aravana Payasam is attributed to Aravana Rishi.
There are two theories regarding the origin of Aravana payasam. One of the most popular versions is that the offering was first prepared by Sage Aravanan. He made the offering in the temple in the dense forest. In olden days people used to carry dry rice (unakkalari) for cooking while visiting the temple. Dry rice is the main ingredient in the Aravana Payasam. So this theory might be true as people might have started preparing the payasm with minimum ingredients.
Another theory is that ‘Aravanan’ means God and as it is cooked and offered to Ayyappa, the sweet got the name Aravana.

Sri Krishna Teachings on Truthfulness from the Mahabharata

Our scriptures enjoin that everyone must speak the truth. In our tradition, no spiritual austerity is considered superior to the practice of truthfulness.

It is sometimes difficult to determine how to practice truthfulness in extreme situations. In a situation where telling a lie is as spiritually beneficial as speaking truth there is no harm in lying.

If being truthful is spiritually harmful, then it is better to lie. Lying should never be for selfish gains.

Sometimes lying is as good as speaking truth.

Those who understand the deeper meaning of righteousness do not see any unrighteousness in one who lies in order to save innocent lives.

Source - Karna Parva of the Mahabharat