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Kounsar Nag Lake Pilgrimage – Konsarnag Lake Yatra

Kounsar Nag Lake Yatra is held annually in the Shravan month to pray to Vishnupad. KonsarnagLake pilgrimage begins after Shravan Amavasya as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Jammu and Kashmir. In 2018, the yatra begins on August 11. The annual pilgrimage attracts thousands of devotees.

KounsarNagLake is located at Reasi District in Jammu and Kashmir. It falls in the high altitude Mahore mountains.
Surrounded by thick forests, the lake is an important Hindu pilgrimage spot. It is believed that the lake was created by the footprint – Vishnupad – of Hindu God Vishnu.

Bheetar Lagi – The Ramayana in Song – Documentary on Muslim Community That Sings Ramayan Songs

Bheetar Lagi – The Ramayana in Song is a documentary directed by Imran Ali Khan and Smriti Wadhwa. It explores the lives of the Muslim Manganiar community that earns a living by singing Hindu folk songs based on Ramayana. The documentary is part of Open Space’s project Kiski Kahani - The Ramayana Project , which explores Ramayana and how it has impacted society. Open space is a Pune-based open cultural forum.

You can find more about Open Space here at the official website.
Express India reports Living in Bhaiya, a little-known village near Jaisalmer, the Manganiars continue to sing the spiritual and epic works of iconic poets such as Tulsidas and Mirabai, which constitutes their primary source of income. Though there is very little recorded history about the Manganiars and their music, they date back to at least seven generations. While their earlier patrons were wealthy Rajput families and merchants, now they perform at music festivals, weddings and other private events. "It's…