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Sri Ramanuja Teachings

Devotion and absolute self-surrender are the happiest and best means to reach God.

A seeker must acquire a true knowledge of the individual self and the Supreme; he must devote himself to meditation, worship and the adoration of the Supreme; this knowledge with discipline leads him to the realization of the Supreme.
The pathway to the final good of life is the blissful communion with Brahman by way of devout and loving contemplation named bhakti, facilitated by a life of virtue and founded on assured philosophical understanding.
According to Ramanuja, there are three classes of souls, viz., Nitya (eternal), Mukta (free) and Baddha (bound). The eternal souls have never been in bondage. They are eternally free. They live with God in Vaikuntha. The freed souls were once subject to Samsara, but have attained salvation now and live with God. The bound souls are caught up in the meshes of Samsara and are striving to be released. They wander from life to life till they are redeemed. (As per…