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Information on Official Website of Sabarimala Queue Booking System – Online Queue Booking in at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala

For smooth and hassle free darshan at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in pilgrim season, Kerala police have created an official website for booking for a place in the queue in the Nadapanthal. Virtual Queue booking is currently available. The devotee who registers online will be given a coupon which contains date and time to join the separate queue. The print out of the coupon in pdf format has to be taken out by the devotee.

The coupon will be verified with relevant id cards and the person will be allowed in the separate queue.

There is a police verification point and information center for directing virtual queue devotees at Pampa.

Link - You can do online queue booking here at the official website from the first week of October  – Official Website of Sabarimala Queue Booking System.

Virtual Queue Help Line Numbers are - 0471 324 3000, 324 4000, 324 5000

By booking for standing in the queue, a devotee is not assured with Darshan at Sabarimala. However this entitles you to join the separate queue at "Nadapanthal".  After verifying your credentials you will be put through the queue for darshan eventually along with those who are waiting in the queue.

Free Service - This is a free service offered by Kerala Police for the purpose of crowd management at Sabarimala. You are not required to make any payment in this connection.

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