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Thoughts on Guru Purnima from Hindu Blog

Human beings or animals or birds or any other living being or whatever thing in the universe that removes ignorance and ushers in the light of self realization is Guru. Guru Purnima is dedicated to this Guru. A Guru need not always be a Swami or a teacher. It can be a small child that gives you the most important lesson in life.

Guru Purnima is not dedicated to those modern Gurus who promise miracles. Not to those Gurus who promises to make you rich. Not to those Gurus who promises to solve your family problems or any other issues. These are not Gurus but people who make their living by giving false hopes and promises. They thrive on donations. 

Those Gurus that directly or indirectly encourage fear, jealousy, avarice and desires are not gurus.

True Guru never puts the blame to your problems on astrology or bad luck or enemies.

True Guru never advertises.

Blessing of a Guru is not a substitute to hard work. 

The greatest Guru is Bhagavan Sri Krishna. He did not perform a single miracle on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata. He only made Arjuna realize his Dharma. He made Arjuna perform his Karma. Arjuna had to pick up each arrow and hit the target. Similarly each one of us has to perform our Dharma – focus on our aim, do not diversify, concentrate, do the hard work, be patient, be determined and have single minded devotion.

A true Guru helps in removing ignorance which is stopping us from attaining bliss on earth. For a true Guru happiness is not based on external aspects but it is internal.

A real teacher will never seek blind followers. A true Guru is one who gives intellectual freedom – advises a disciple to think for himself and do as he chooses. 

by hindu-blog.com - Abhilash Rajendran