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Sudarshana Yantra Benefits

Yantra is a visible form of a personal deity.  Maha Sudarshana Yantra is a popular and important Vaishnava Yantras. The benefits of worshipping Sudarshana Yantra include victory over enemies, protection from various diseases and troubles. A Yantra is also a visual form of mantras. The power of the mantras are captured in it.

This Yantra is based on the Sudarshana Chakra weapon of Vishnu. Sudarshana means to receive auspicious.

It is worshipped for protection from spirits, enemies and for success. There are eight ways to prepare this Vaishnava Yantra.

It is believed that possession of the Yantra and daily worship of it helps in fighting the activities of enemies.

Those people who believe that increments and promotion due to them have been stopped by the activities of jealous colleagues is believed to have found better results after worshipping Sudarshana Yantra.