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Concept of Sachidanandam in Hindu Tradition

As per the teachings of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism or Hindu Tradition), the aim of human life is Moksha. When a person attains Brahman realization he/she is able to understand himself/herself and the world – because he/she is always merged in Brahman. Such people are believed to be in a state of mind known as Sachidanandam.

Liberation or Moksha is possible only through self realization. Self realization happens when we are able to shelve the thought of the second. When we realize that all animate and inanimate is Brahman. To understand this we need not look outside but look inside.

To attain the state of Sachidanandam one has to remove the dust that is covering the truth inside us and also remove all physical weaknesses. Yoga helps in removing the various weaknesses.

Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga are meant to help in removing various weaknesses. Hatayoga helps in removing physical weakness. Raja Yoga helps in controlling breath.By concentrating on Urdaprana one attains Atmajana.

Satchidananda is Sat + Chit + Ananda

Sat is truth; eternal; absolute

Chit is consciousness or awareness

Ananda is bliss

The term attempts to capture the attributes of Brahman – the all pervading reality.

Please note that English language is not capable of explaining the true meaning of most words in Hindu tradition. The meaning that you see are the best possible ones. It is only to give an idea.