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Goddess Devasena, consort of Muruga

Goddess Devasena is the consort of Hindu God Muruga – who is also known as Kartik or Subrahmanya. Devasena is worshipped mainly in South India and is also known as Shasti Devi.

The popular belief is that the Shasti fasting dedicated to Muruga on the sixth day after Amavasya becomes even more meritorious when pujas are offered to Devasena.

The popular belief is that propitiating her will bring in peace, prosperity and healthy children.

Goddess Devasena is always worshipped as a beautifully dressed wife. She is fair and wears jewelry and traditional attire.

Legend has it that Devasena took birth as the daughter of Indra to marry Muruga.

Goddess Devasena is also known as Devayani and Jayanti.