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Shivratri Gives Us The Opportunity To Clear Dust That Is Covering Shiva In Us – Hindu Blog

Shiva represents the pure and Shivratri is the night when this pure form appeared to annihilate the sufferings of human beings. Why we human beings suffer because we are unable to realize the Shiva in us? The formless, the all pervading one with no beginning and no end, took a form to pull us out from the never-ending suffering.

Most festivals associated with Hindu tradition are noted for its mirth, fun and frolic but Shivratri is associated with contemplation, prayers and meditation.

Shiva represents the truth and we humans are far removed from the truth. Shiva in human form represents the true human and we have become everything but human.

Shivratri provides us with an opportunity to clear the dust that is covering the Shiva in us. The dusts of ignorance, attachments, ego, jealousy, anger, insecurity, prejudice and false ideas have hidden the Shiva in us.

Realize the Shiva in us and life becomes bliss – We travel to a plane beyond birth and death.

Above all Shiva is in nature. He is always with Prakriti - Mother Goddess Shakti. We need to unlearn a lot of things and go back to our roots and protect nature. 

Today is Shivratri - all prayers to Mahadev for self realization.

Om Namah Shivaya