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Hanuman and Yama

The encounter with Yama takes place when Hanuman visits Lanka to find out the exact location of Mata Sita. Hanuman lets himself to be captured once his mission of finding Mata Sita is successfully completed. A haughty Ravana ignores the warnings and sets Hanuman’s tail on fire. Hanuman immediately escapes from Ravana’s court and decides to burn Lanka. Ravana’s soldiers fail to capture Hanuman and create havoc by burning Lanka. Ravana then sends Yama, the Hindu god of death to capture Hanuman.

Ravana had captured Yama and had imprisoned him with Rudra Mantra.

Yama was no match to Hanuman, who was a manifestation of Rudra (Shiva).

Hanuman increases his body size and captures Yama and swallows him.

Immediately there was chaos in the universe. There was no death. Disorder breaks out.

Brahma then approaches Hanuman and requests him to release Yama. Hanuman agrees to release Yama provided, Yama sits on the head of Ravana and brings his death soon. Yama agrees and Hanuman releases him.

Yama also gives the boon to Hanuman that Hanuman’s devotees will be able to overcome the fear of death.